5% discount on first order. FLAX coupon code 10% off order from 5 meters. Coupon code LINEN5 15% discount when ordering from 10 meters. Our LINEN10 linen coupon code has an OEKO-TEX certificate. OEKO-TEX’s STANDARD 100 is one of the world’s best – known textile grades for fabrics that have been tested for hazardous materials. You can be sure that all the linen fabrics you buy at Sewing Wave have been tested and are free of harmful substances and have no health risk. Linen fabric is probably one of the most beloved fabrics in the State of Israel, it is strong and durable, suitable for the hot Israeli climate, known for its absorbency and even wicks away sweat. In addition, the linen fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch, airy and lightweight

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